"Whatever your dreams (goals),

whatever your reality (starting point),

whatever challenges (motivations) you face along the way—

you can take charge of your money and truly own your life.

—  Helen Ngo

Self-Made CEO, founder, speaker & "Live and earn" podcast host


Meet Helen Ngo, CFP®

Being a woman in the corporate financial world didn’t make me who I am.
It made me want to change what I did. What I could do. It made me want to remake how women like me—like you—think and talk about money, economics, business, success. (And what the world thinks and says about us.)

So I quit that “good” (safe) job cold-turkey. I pushed past the fear and floundering that comes with starting a business solo. I experienced how life can change in an instant—sometimes by choice, sometimes beyond our control. And I just. kept. doing. I learned. I grew. I met boss mentors. I took advice, risks, and really excellent notes...

Then I founded Made® —to share all of it, with all of you. Because I believe that when women rise, we lift the world up with us.

Get ready, world. We’re coming for ya.

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What is...


...my biggest daily challenge?

Sitting still! I have the hardest time just being when I could be doing. I’m always stacking tasks (like eating lunch AND listening to a podcast AND answering email...) so I can feel that rush of productivity, instead of feeling guilty for not hustling hard enough. Trust me, I’m working on it ;)

...the best advice i've been given?

“No one cares what you know until they know that you care.” My mentor told me that and it stays with me.

...my favorite day ever?

Sep 23, 2013: The day I told my last (ever!) boss I was quitting. When I walked out of that office, I walked away from everything that felt crushing and limiting and, frankly, sexist about corporate work, and into the start of a whole new life I was creating for myself. Whenever I replay that moment, I feel ten feet tall (I’m five-foot-zero).

...my childhood dream?

I wanted to be an airforce pilot! But my dad fought in the Vietnam war, so he refused to let me enlist. Understandable.

...my current craving?

Bulgogi tacos.

…my spirit animal?

The lioness, because she loves the hunt and knows how to bring home the meat.

...my “never-ever”?

Never be the first person to say “no” when you’re pitching yourself. That includes self-defeaters like, “Maybe it’s not the right fit,” “We’re not for everyone,” or even “We haven’t heard back, so we’re assuming you’re not interested.” Stay positive and present until the other person explicitly tells you “no.” Because until that moment, it might still be a “yes”!

...my “always”?

Always hold yourself to your own highest standards.

...the true meaning of money?

Money is opportunity. When you have it, however much you have, you can always choose to use it to better yourself and your life. When you do that enough, it starts to build on itself—you start to create your own opportunities. Eventually, you have enough to share. And that’s what really makes the world go round.