Episode 13: How to Become Financially Independent

Live to work or work to live? Either way, being financially independent - and not relying on your next paycheck or your “emergency” savings - is a goal well-worth striving for.

Having the financial freedom to remove money as a concern, and just go about living your life is a powerful thing. And, thankfully, it isn’t something that’s just reserved for folks in the 60+ club with a successful retirement plan.

Meet Kiki Roeder, a serial entrepreneur,  who breaks down what it means to be financially independent and how anyone, regardless of their age or how much money they make, can obtain it. Only in her early 30s and having built and sold multiple businesses, one would consider Kiki as successful. But don’t think it didn’t come with a price. Financial freedom isn’t free. In this episode, Kiki openly shares how she experienced burnout and the gold star syndrome, and what she did to overcome the hardships to become financially secure.  Tune in to learn more about financial freedom and steps you can take to reach your own definition of FIRE: financial independence - retire early.

What we tackle in this episode:

  1. What exactly does it mean to be financially independent?

  2. How do you even know that you’ve made it?

  3. Does it mean that you don’t have to rely on making more money?

  4. Is it even possible?

  5. Do I have to wait until I’m retired?

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HOSTED BY: Helen Ngo




Music by Muciscal_Chef

Track title: “Motivational Happy”


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