Episode 14: Overcoming Financial Self-shaming & Guilt

Have you ever felt guilty about spending money on yourself?  As if, you don’t deserve to buy that “one thing?"

What we tell ourselves we deserv financially is shaped by our upbringing and childhood.

In this week’s podcast episode, my client, J, and I explore this experience. What we grew up with, has so much influence on who we become… all the way down to how we spend money and what we tell ourselves we deserve.

Growing up in poverty, J shares her personal story of how she was constantly told by her mother as a child that the family doesn’t have enough money. That she couldn’t have this. Or that.

As a grown woman who’s making well into the six figures today, she’s still telling herself that she doesn’t have “enough money” and spins into a cycle of self guilt when she does spend on herself.

Whether it’s about spending money on ourselves or trying to earn more money, each of us at some point in time has told ourselves “I don’t deserve this.”

As J states, “When you are able to overcome financial guilt, you will be able to accept yourself and celebrate yourself.”

What we tackle in this episode:

  1. How does your financial upbringing impact your financial future?

  2. How do you overcame financial self-shaming? What is it and how can you detect it?

  3. Is spending a lot when you have money a bad thing?

  4. Can you become financially responsible and not feel guilt?

HOSTED BY: Helen Ngo




Music by Muciscal_Chef

Track title: “Motivational Happy”


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