Episode 18: The Toughest Part of Being an Entrepreneur

When you scroll through IG feeds these days, it seems almost everybody's a CEO, Founder, or Entrepreneur of sorts. 

But let's pause to ask an important question... "Are they really?”⠀

Using social media as a megaphone, anybody can call themselves an entrepreneur... but the reality is that not just anybody and everybody can BE an Entrepreneur. ⠀ ⠀

Owning a business is a full time responsibility. And there's a huge difference between a side-hustler and a full-time hustler. 

In this episode, I dive into these distinctions and share my personal battle dealing with the toughest parts of being an entrepreneur and uncovering what it really takes to make it.

What we tackle in this episode:

  • Why not everyone can be a business owner

  • The hardest part about being an entrepreneur and why many don’t make it past 5 years

  • What owning a business really requires of you in addition to time and money

  • How our society today misleads us about what entrepreneurship really is

  • How you can be a boss without having to be an entrepreneur

Resources Mentioned:

Hobby vs. Business

Ep 17: Following Your Passion Doesn't Always Lead to Profits


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HOSTED BY: Helen Ngo



Music by Muciscal_Chef

Track title: “Motivational Happy”

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