Episode 21: How Women in High Ranks Beat Income Discrimination

"Don’t let anyone take away your voice. You worked hard to get where you are.’” Dr. Rachel Johnson

Gender discrimination and income disparity is nothing new. We just talk about it more today than in the past.

I interview Dr. Rachel Johnson, a woman at the top of the medical hierarchy, about the income disparity and gender biases prevalent in medicine.

She shares her personal story of discrimination from her peers and patients. Most assume that she is the nurse and asks for the “real doctor” to treat them. Worst yet, she has to address male colleagues’ assertion that she should leave her medical career behind since her husband, who happens to also be a doctor, will make 2x more than she does.

 If anything, this just fuels her ambition to continue practicing medicine.

This isn’t just a problem in the medical field though. Regardless of the industry, this type of gender-income discrimination is faced by most women in high rank leadership roles, having to continuously prove themselves to be taken seriously and be respected.

 What we tackle in this episode:

  • How women in leadership roles combat income disparity and gender biases

  • Why making your own money protects your bottom-line

  • Why having two working spouses is financially advantageous in the long-run vs just one

  • How to talk about your career and financial ambitions with your partner

  • How other young career minded women advance to the top

 GUESTS: Dr. Rachel Johnson



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HOSTED BY: Helen Ngo



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