Episode 33: Did the Most Important Thing Get Done Today?

“Getting a lot done in one day doesn’t necessarily mean you succeeded.

Getting the most important thing done each day in a series of days is what yields success. ” — Helen Ngo, CEO

How many times have you started the day with “I need to do this. This. This and that”?  Then, ending that day with “I didn’t get anything done today" -- feeling completely unaccomplished and overwhelmed with the amount of responsibilities on your plate.

I was putting so much pressure on myself that everything was important and urgent resulting in burn out trying to accomplish everything.

Realizing that if I carried this on for too much longer, I would lose myself even more. So, I started to change the question I asked myself at the beginning and end of each day:

“What’s the most important thing that needs to get done today?” and “Did it get done?”

In this week’s episode, I share with you how this new daily practice transformed my mental well-being. Ultimately, the most important thing at the end of the day is how you show up for yourself.


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HOSTED BY: Helen Ngo



Music by Muciscal_Chef

Track title: “Motivational Happy”