Episode 40: The winding path of following your passion

“If you’re doing something and it’s not really what you should be doing, you just don’t excel at it. You can be good at it, you could even be great at it. But if it’s killing you inside, I just don’t understand the point of it.” - Darin Wright

Color expert and Elea Blake Cosmetics owner Darin Wright shares what it can really look like to follow your passion.

Few of us realize just how much color affects our surroundings: from the color on the walls of our homes to the colors we put on our hair, skin, and nails. Finding the right colors for your unique chemistry can have a profound effect on everything from home decor to the clothes we buy, but how do you know if a color is right for you? Darin has dedicated years of her life and countless hours to developing a scientifically accurate color matching system called ebhues™.

Starting in a rented 2x4 space in a local spa, Darin has grown her company to a custom cosmetics studio and color analysis brand that works with clients worldwide. Join Helen and this 22-year business veteran as they explore what it looks like to fill an industry gap by creating your own business.

What we tackle in this episode:

  • The financial reality of building a business and being the boss (hint: sometimes you don’t get to pay yourself for years)

  • The questions Darin asks other aspiring business owners to think about before getting started

  • How to handle burnout when you still have a business to run

  • The surprising costs of not putting your talents to work

  • Important questions to ask yourself when considering a trade with another business owner

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GUEST: Darin Wright

In 1997 Darin started her custom makeup line. She named it after her twin daughters; Elea and Blake. elea blake cosmetics™ was born out of the need to create a makeup line that was representational of the diversity of humanity, something her daughters could feel good in. Early in her makeup artistry career, she learned the difference the right color could make. The twinkle of the eyes, the glow of the skin, a freshness to the face, enhanced sophistication or flirty playfulness was her reward. She had created visual confidence in minutes, the WOW THAT'S ME?! effect. 

With only 10 pigments, she crafted colors by testing on different skins. The changes colors underwent on different people renewed her interest in color analysis. Finding it limited after exploring different systems, she ultimately decided to make her own. ebhues™ is the first color analysis system based in pure color science. It splits hue families into segments of color which assist people around the world in becoming their own personal stylists. The drape system, both in studio and online, is made to be fun, accurate, and useful in cutting the costs of purchasing products - not in limiting your color palette. Today, ebhues™ continues to grow into a robust system that will lead a color revolution and informs the 'smart makeup' that elea blake creates. 

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HOSTED BY: Helen Ngo



Music by Muciscal_Chef

Track title: “Motivational Happy”