Founder & CEO, Small Business Owner,
and All Around Boss Woman

Growing up with an entrepreneurial spirit means one or many of these certainties are a way of life:

  1. You take calculated risks

  2. You execute

  3. You always question how it can be done better

For Helen, it was all of the above.

She dedicates much of her life to continuing education for the female entrepreneurial community. Her teachings have been featured in numerous  financial news outlets and press such as Forbes, USA Today, CNBC, and Investment News. She’s also the CEO of Capital Benchmark Partners, a financial planning firm focusing its efforts on serving women entrepreneurs and professionals.


“I always knew I wanted to build a business around helping people succeed that would in turn, teach me more about financial independence while allowing me the course of my life. No sick day allotments. No vacation requests," she says of starting her own business.

But Helen still felt the need to shake things up. To disrupt. And the idea was simple:

Talk about money the way we live it -- a lifestyle vs a life service.

As the host of the Live and Earn Podcast, Helen brings in women from all financial walks of life to share their stories of resilience and how they're making it in life.

“I genuinely enjoy meeting new people and seeing how I can help them grow. I know I’ve done my job well when my students or clients consider me more of a friend than an advisor.”


Stay in the know

We’re here to talk about money. 

Not in whispers and generalities. Like we mean it. The way we live it. Person-to-person. Windfall to rainstorm. Debts-to-dreams. Without fear. With feeling.


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