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Workable Budget: Create a Flexible Money Management System That Works

How many times have you tried to set a budget and it simply didn't "work." Your budget should not be designed to make you feel financial guilt, shame, or stuck.

We built this workshop to teach you how to create an effective money management system that is efficient and sustainable yet flexible.

In this course, you will walkaway with a workable financial management system that allows you to:

  • prioritize your spending and savings to meet your long-term and short-term goals

  • a flexible financial plan that's easy to follow

  • estimate your taxes and deductions

  • allocate your "take home money" with more intention and purpose

If you have been struggling to get your money in order and want to spend with more focused direction and intention, this workshop is for you!

You don’t need a fancy degree or strong financial knowledge; all you need is a willingness to invest in yourself and a curiosity to learn.

Your instructor, Helen Ngo, will equip you with the basic knowledge, tools, and resources needed to confidently and strategically transition from bystander to sophisticated money manager.

What to Expect:

A workbook will be provided.
Live, interactive, and hands-on presentation style.
Light drinks and food will be provided.