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Business Budgeting for Solo Entrepreneurs

  • Made Modern Money Inc Live Webinar (map)

How to track, budget, and invest for success

Metrics, margins, markets, maturity. If money is the only ‘M’ word you know about your business, it’s time to dig in. Having the right measuring tools for the success of your business is a must. Helen breaks down the below and everything in between:

  • The right investments to grow your business
  • Gross versus Net Profit Margins
  •  Necessary cash reserves


Many people start their own businesses because of the unlimited income potential. However, few succeed in the long run because they don’t know how to manage their business and personal finances effectively. Start your entrepreneurial journey on the right foot and be equipped with the proper planning tools to be successful.


  • How to create a business budget that coincides with your personal life budget
  • The 3 important investments to make in your first year as a new business owner and why each is crucial to your long-term business growth
  • What metrics to use to track your goals and financial success